Two thumbs up

We use House of Autumn for all of our creative needs. Lisa provides convenient one-stop shopping to make our promotional campaigns easy. Photography, press releases, web design, you name it, we've gotten it from House of Autumn, and all done in a totally professional manner. Lisa is keenly attuned to the artistic needs of the smaller, independent artist and musical entities, and is able to meet those needs in a timely, creative, affordable fashion. We've tried the "other" guys! They do not compare to House of Autumn! They should be called "House of Perfection!" House of Autumn is your one convenient stop along the production highway. 
 -- Eclectic Coalition Records

Working with House of Autumn has been a surprisingly wonderful experience! Lisa knows exactly what she’s looking for, accomplishes it and makes room for suggestions and alternatives, which is always a good quality in a business partner.  She is a consummate professional, and has been able to meet and exceed all of our project needs. 
 -- CrazyLulu Productions

House of Autumn is AMAZING! Lisa was very patient and easy to work with, and when I thought I would lose it, she would make me laugh (very important for a computer geek!)  Seriously, she whipped my site into shape in no time. The layout is beautiful and the techie part is so cool - background stuff, movement, colors, images, etc.   She is a techie wizard, and I just love her! 
 -- Inspired by Angels

Lisa’s smooth-as-silk voiceovers made an amazing difference in my work. I applaud her ability to understand an idea that can't quite be put into words, then turn it into a true work of art.
As an editor, Lisa has a refreshing and sharp eye for detail and helps you understand the changes she proposes. In her work, Lisa is first a good listener, then an even better executer!
-- glendaglen, inc

Lj delivered exactly what we were looking for in a new website -- clean, crisp, and streamlined. She listened to our needs, created multiple strawman options for our consideration, and worked with us to close on the right package. She's a joy to work with!
-- White Cliffs Consulting, LLC

House of Autumn is always my first choice for any type of promotional or design work for any of my projects - everything from press releases to album covers to music videos. Lisa has the knowledge and experience to make sure that my musical projects are presented in the best possible manner. Her skill with the English language is unsurpassed, and her photography continues to delight and amaze me. 
 -- Mike Surratt,   Keyboardist/Accordionist